How to Change your Lyft Password

How to Change your Lyft Password

28 June, 2023

How to Change your Lyft Password

If you want to change your Lyft password you need to know first there isn't a password for Lyft, it can't be lost or found. As an alternative, this page will demonstrate how to recover your Lyft account if you're experiencing problems doing so. Verify the phone number connected to your Lyft account is active since you'll get SMS verification codes.

How to change and recover your Lyft Password using Phone Number

Follow these simple steps to change or recover your lyft password through phone number:

Step 1: Launch the Lyft Application in your Android Smartphone or Iphone. After that Tap on the Get started 

Recovering Lyft password 1

Step 2: Enter your mobile number and click on the arrow button for continue.

Recovering Lyft password 2

Step 3: After that you will receive an 6 digit OTP in your messages Inbox.

 Recovering Lyft password 3

Step 4: Then enter the 6 digit OTP form the received message and press on the right-bottom and switch over the home page.

Recovering Lyft password 4

Step 5: Your Lyft account is open.



How to change and recover your Lyft Password using Email

Follow these simple steps to change or recover your lyft password through email:

Step: 1 Open the Lyft application and press the Get Started Button

Recovering Lyft password 1.1

Step 2: If your phone number is changed then click on the Changed Your Number? Find your Account 

Recovering Lyft password 2.2


Step 3:You’ve switch over the next page  which named are Recover your account. Enter your previous email if you know or google play services show Sign-in with option, If you’ve already login in to your account in your google play then you don’t need to enter the email. Select the email.

Recovering Lyft password 3.1


Step 4: If your current number is not associated with Lyft account, You need to signup with another number in Lyft app then confirm the account using the confirmation code or OTP will received, then provide your email address and follow the instructions which have written in email mail. or with a simple check if your account were signed in in Lyft account(if you signin) type your new phone number


Step 5: Always knows which number or Email is used in Lyft account, by number or email in Lyft account your account recovery is very easy.

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