How to Change Email Password on iPhone

How to Change Email Password on iPhone

30 June, 2023

 How to Change Email Password on iPhone

Today, technical gadgets have affected our daily lives everywhere we go, especially Mobile phones.

Today, our mobile phone has become our mini-office. We can do our daily official work through our mobile, like attending a meeting on video call, checking emails, and replying.

Our Email account has our official and personal contact information. So the security of our Email account is very important. If you are using email on your iPhone, then you should update your Email password after a few attempts.

So how can you change your Email password on your iPhone? Read this blog and do it yourself, in an easy way.

Step By step instruction to change your Email password on iPhone

  1. Open the setting on your iPhone and go down to password Tab.


2.Tap the Email address from the given list for which you want to update password.

3.In the top right corner there is a edit button Click on it.

4.Replace your current password with the new password. When you Ready Tap done


Great You have successfully updated your password on iPhone.

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